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The Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation exists to make a tangible difference in the lives of people with breast cancer. It offers support to breast cancer patients through individual and group care programs, that help patients navigate the many physical, and emotional side effects that arise from breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Mission – We empower individuals with breast cancer, their families and those at high risk of developing breast cancer, to achieve optimal wellness through the highest standard of compassion and integrated supportive care.

Vision – All people impacted by breast cancer have knowledge of and access to Breast Cancer Supportive Care.  Our innovative model of supportive care is integrated into cancer care for all patients and their families impacted by cancer.

The look and feel of the site needed to bring feelings of inclusiveness, hope, happiness and healing to those seeking support. To accomplish this we employed the use of bright, happy colours, joyful imagery, white space and clean lines.


Web Design: Michelle | emenem design