WORKING UNDER ONE...*(do we have to say it?)

emenem design studio, vancouver

what we do

We offer web and graphic services from start to finish – and we do it without the overhead. (the whole umbrella pun thing is not deliberate…honest)

We conceptualize, design, write, build, code, photograph and produce. We’re lean and mean (actually we’re pretty nice), yet we come from big studio and agency backgrounds. As such, we can tackle any project and solve any problem.

In fact, we solved a big one – hiring top talent without the overhead. We do it by being independent professionals who collaborate remotely under one virtual…soooo want to say umbrella...but let’s just go with roof.

  • Alberta Association of Optometrists
  • Yves Veggie Cuisine
  • Change The View Project
  • romeo
  • Randa Salloum | Blogger
  • Rougier Furniture
  • ferus
  • Sense Communication
  • Totem Tree Operations
  • Derek Cardigan Campaign
  • Rakia Global
  • Kinetic Securities
  • Ag for Life
  • Gold Seal Wild Salmon
  • influitive
  • New York Fashion Week 2013|14
  • AMA Welcome Home
  • R-CAT Oilfield Corp.
  • EVENT Magazine
  • AMA Orientation
  • AGLC: Enjoy Responsibly
  • Canmore Hot Yoga
  • Breast Cancer Supportive Care
  • AGLC: DrinkSense and FASD
  • Corporate Identity

you said it


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